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Over the last 10 years, we have heard of huge companies going bankrupt, cheating their stockholders, or canceling pensions or healthcare for their retired workers. We have heard of scandals involving the people we used to be able to trust the most. At Common Sense Companies, we have two policies that will never change:
  • we only offer contractual guaranteed products to our clients so we will never
    deliver bad news
  • we only bring people into our business that we would take home to our house for dinner
If our policies seem corny to you, then you are probably not going to fit in well with our organization. We choose to only associate with people we trust and people we know will have the client’s best interest before their own. The person who directed you to this site knows our company policies, so they must consider you to be someone who would fit well in our company. Whether you are coming here to gather information about these areas for your family, or you intend to learn about these areas and pursue the most rewarding part-time or full-time career with Common Sense Companies, you are welcome here. Please take your time and navigate our website.


For many veterans, the rising cost of home health care and assisted living can be staggering. The good news is that there is a little-known VA benefit that can help them receive the care they need without spending down all of their hard-earned savings. Did you know that currently, 200,000 veterans and widows of veterans are receiving the benefit, but it is estimated that nearly 3,000,000 are eligible and are not receiving the benefit?

This program is the most socially significant service that we offer our clients. We have the VA accredited attorneys and guaranteed products to help our clients receive the benefit that they have EARNED.

Each associate with Common Sense Companies can provide the client with an easy-to-understand information packet to complete and return to the associate in order to receive a complimentary review from our experts. Many of the veterans or their widows qualified for this pension by allowing us the opportunity to help them, even after hearing the phrase “YOU DON’T QUALIFY” from the VA office. We were honored to help them qualify for $13,356 to $24,636 of tax-free income every year for the rest of their lives.

For complete and easy to understand information on this pension program, please click here.

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